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Our next project is a global real time running event in celebrating for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, on 22nd April 2020. This event is part of the global collaboration initiatives where many organisations, non-profit groups and supporters' count down towards this key milestone. Let's come together, exercise, get fit and power down applicable appliances for 1 to 2 hours on 22nd April 2023.

Focus group is educating the youth and starting them early. This is the generation where climate emergency will seriously impact their livinghood in 30-50 years time.

Stay tuned for the various coastal clean up events too.

Mass Virtual Running Event

Date: 22nd April 2023

Time: 0000hr to 2359hr

Venue: Anywhere / Somewhere

Fee: Paid Event

Early Education

Focusing on the youth community, roadshows, online contests and educational videos will be used to engage them. 

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Forest Restoration

Leveraging on a well established project, The Canopy Project, the focus is to encourage donation and active participation in the Earth Day run where part of the proceeds will be used to plant trees as part. of the forest restoration effort. 

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Do Our Part and Make a Better World  For  Our Children

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